Transferable Skills

I have found myself doing, doing and doing numerous routine tasks in activities in different roles: as a consultant, as an administrative, as a student, as an analyst and while I am a proponent of seeing the “glass half full” or rescue that maybe that job is not what I like the most or catapult me to my next level and always grateful that allowed me to finance my courses, training, travel, fun or whatever I find myself with the inevitable question: What of everything I learned is a transferable skill for me?

Transferable skill is a concept that occurred to me as I reflected on whether the task I am currently performing provides me with a skill or ability that I can apply in my life or in another activity that is aligned with my purpose, my life mission and my stated purpose. If not, it is an opportunity to review whether these skills, which are like tools that we carry in our backpacks to go through life’s excursion, occupy a place for me or I simply consider them valuable to have at hand in the path I decide to follow.

I felt this very strongly at the beginning of my work stage performing administrative tasks such as: printing invoices, placing them in a bag that went to different areas of the country and loading data into a computer. Getting up in the morning, taking the subway or bus to get to the desk and doing the same as the day before, and the day before and so on. Without judging the task itself as to its usefulness, from an early age this repetition of tasks plunged me into a state of boredom, pessimism, apathy, and madness. I felt like an automaton, a machine similar to the movie “Modern Times” by Charles Chaplin but with better working conditions, desperate, taking refuge in a ray of light coming through the window in front of an immense blue sky… What am I doing here?

This is neither right nor wrong, if it makes you happy, if you like to do the same thing every day, to have some comfort or “certainties” great!

Now, if behind this comfort or predictable world is hidden a frustrated dream, a desire for something new, for change no matter if it generates fear, anxiety or whatever maybe today if you realized this is already a big step. An important step to start your wonderful journey towards a new lifestyle. No matter what age you are, your financial situation, your emotional situation, your family situation or health status there is always a world of possibilities that we have at our fingertips and that many times we have it just a conversation away.

I propose that today you look at yourself, hug yourself, caress yourself, love yourself and connect with your inner child for just a few minutes. Tonight when you lay your head on your pillow, encourage yourself to ask yourself if you are happy with the life you have. There is no right or wrong answer. Ask your heart, your soul, your spirit what you believe. If your answer is no, I have important news for you! You have just become aware and now you can no longer act distracted, you are no longer a victim of your destiny but it is up to you to do something to forge your path and live the life you want.

Have a great day!