Iwas born on January 15, 1987 under the sign of Capricorn, in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have always been curious, restless, sporty, a lover of reading, learning new things and listening to stories. I am fascinated by the playful, the spontaneous, the creative. I live with the idea that my life is finite, so why not have fun and enjoy this journey giving the best of me to the world? I consider myself a person whose emotional state is joy and who learned over time to live and inhabit the full range of emotions: sadness, surprise, eroticism, fear, insecurity, anxiety and many more! If I can feel it, if it appears it is for and because of something so I allow myself to live my human experience with all the emotional flare-ups and intensities. I love to deepen and explore myself, I am deeply struck by human behavior and its potentialities, and especially the ability we have to invent stories about ourselves and/or about other people, circumstances and the world and live them as real! I strongly remember a phrase I was once told “Things are not as we see them, we see them as we are”.

And rightly so, we are creators of our reality. After a couple crisis when I was 29 years old and after 10 years of dating, living together and then getting married, we divorced just a few months after getting married. Can you imagine? Wedding preparations, moving, honeymoon and then poof! All kinds of illusions vanished! It was a fatal blow, I felt that my whole world fell down, my structure, my projects as a couple…everything. Alone, anxious, desperate, living from party to party for the outside, and aimless in my life without any purpose I found in coaching, then the enneagram and other tools that followed, the possibility to take responsibility for my life, to heal, to forgive myself, to accept and love myself more. OUCH! It hurt! I cried a lot, I had a hard time, especially for me who had a hard time spending time with myself. And after a few years, I began to feel, to live a happiness, a relief, an inner peace, an enthusiasm that allowed me to turn my life around and to focus on a clear purpose that gives meaning to my life every day, every moment…

I am happy, I embrace myself, everything was perfect as it happened and I feel a gigantic inner richness and abundance. My life is great! THANK YOU LIFE! I live it as if I were on a journey, everything that happens is a gift, I let go of some expectations, I challenged my beliefs that limited me in many aspects such as money, relationships, work and I learned above all to make extraordinary the ordinary of every day. This is a little piece of my story, that as time goes by I give it more place in my heart with nostalgia, laughter, some tears and without rancor. And what is your story?

If you still want to know more about me and you are one of those who want to see the so-called “CV” with all my training and work experience, go ahead! You can download it below. Personally, it bores me to read a CV, it makes me sleepy, since a title doesn’t define me and I’m not going to take it with me when I die… that’s why I decided to present myself in a way that today has more to do with me. Have you ever asked yourself how you would like to be remembered? Surely not with all those ego investitures…anyway, when you finish a training they give you a little piece of paper called “credential” or “title”, my advice is to encourage you to be and live beyond your credentials / titles and / or beliefs, since both you and me lack of absolutely nothing, we are already enough!

Thank you for the time you have taken to get to know me, I really value you, I give you a place in my heart and I look forward to talking to you whenever you wish and to accompany you in any way I can!

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