Learning to inhabit your present by being present

What does this program consist of?

It consists of 4 online zoom sessions of 1 hour each that will allow you to be “present in the present”. We go through, daily, lots of thoughts related to the past or the future, generating a wide range of emotions in which we can mention: anxiety, sadness, anger, resentment, nostalgia, among others, taking us away from what we really have: our present moment. The past has already happened and we cannot change it and the future is uncertain, we want it to be or certain things to happen and that has to do with control, with wanting things to happen in a certain way, generating in many opportunities frustration, feelings of discomfort, anxiety and / or discomfort.

This proposal seeks that you can learn to stop the mind, to inhabit the emotions and manage those emotions to bring you back to your center and thus connect with this moment, trying to feel wellness, harmony and calm.

Each session is different and through simple and practical exercises that you will experience and then you can incorporate to expand your reservoir of internal resources, you can connect with the here and now whenever you want.

The 4 sessions are:

Session 1: thematic experience with the 5 senses: you will experience through taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight exercises for mindfulness.

Session 2: guided meditation to observe thoughts: learning to observe your thoughts as if you were a witness: without judging, without questioning and amplifying your own register of yourself.

Session 3: learning to breathe and grounding: through techniques inspired by bioenergetics and yoga you will learn breathing techniques to calm anxiety, raise energy and achieve greater oxygenation which directly impacts your emotional state and your immune system, achieving a sense of overall well-being.

Session 4: Freedom through body expression: find yourself in your own movements through different musical styles to connect with yourself in a framework of respect and care so you can give yourself the gift of expressing yourself as you wish and enjoy that moment that happens in the present.

Which is the result you will get after this program?

  • You will learn simple exercises and techniques to apply in your daily life that will allow you to be with a greater degree of presence wherever you are.
  • Amplify 3 registers: corporal (sensations), mental (thoughts) and emotional (inhabiting your emotional states) to become more aware of yourself.
  • Incorporate the practice of asking yourself How am I in this very moment? and What do I need? to give yourself space to attend to your needs.
  • You will experience a “sensory journey” through your 5 senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing) to be fully in this moment.
  • You will learn breathing exercises to achieve calmness and also optimal oxygenation through breathing based on yoga techniques.
  • You will learn to ground yourself to achieve a greater state of presence whether you need a moment to stop or because you find yourself overwhelmed or need to focus to continue with your work/personal activities or simply to enjoy being here and now.

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