Tailor-made sessions

What does this program consist of?

These are personal/professional development sessions of up to 1 hour online per zoom designed based on a previous agreement, which we will establish in a first meeting, where we seek to have clarity and specificity in the following points in order to be able to accompany you:

  • Your “what’s for” of taking personal development sessions.
  • Check your level of commitment to the process you are about to undertake.
  • Why do you think it is important for you to go through this process?
  • In what way or how you will realize that you have reached/achieved what you wanted once the process is finished (determine your satisfaction indicators of your process).

What results will you obtain after the sessions?

  • You will be able to broaden your view in relation to the problem, concern that you bring and that today, given your level of consciousness, you cannot or do not know or do not dare to solve.
  • Greater degree of self-knowledge of your being in 3 major domains: body, mind and emotions. Being able to expand the registration, perception and management of the 3 domains.
  • The possibility of questioning the narratives, discourses and models of beliefs that you have and that today close possibilities to you.
  • Ability to learn to observe, reflect and manage your way of committing to what is important to you and to be able to act accordingly to achieve the desired results.

USD 70

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