Know yourself

Initial Program: “Knowing my essence from the Enneagram”

What does this program consist of?

It consists of 3 online meetings per zoom of 1 hour each, where you will get in touch with useful, concrete and specific information that will allow you to deepen your self-knowledge so you can make decisions in a more conscious and coherent way with what you think, feel and do.

From the anthropological perspective that brings the wisdom of the Enneagram, you will discover your gift and those points you need to focus and work on to achieve harmony and well-being, and thus guide your life with purpose and meaning.

What is the result you will get after this program?

  • Get a “picture” of how you are standing today in your life from the domains of: self-knowledge, relationships/bonds, purpose and life mission, enjoyment, concretizing/materializing objectives, harmony and contact with your needs.
  • Identify your essence (gift) and some characteristics to understand from where you do, think and relate to yourself and others.
  • Understand the challenges or dilemmas that will accompany you throughout your life according to the type of essence you are.
  • Identify circumstantial fears (those you are going through at the moment of this process) and constitutive fears (fears specific to each essence).
  • Identify and recognize the keys or behavioral patterns to go towards your best version from a place of greater awareness and not from the ego.
  • Understand and become aware of how your basic energies are and what you need to balance them and achieve your well-being.
  • Become aware of the challenges according to the stage in life in which you find yourself according to the Andean chakana view.
  • You will observe those aspects of yourself that you do not like so much (“shadows”) as well as those that are more luminous (“lights”) and how to begin the path of integration to expand your consciousness.
  • Know the state of balance or stability of your psychic energy in the following domains: BEING, HAVING, COMMUNICATING, DOING and BEING.

USD 150

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In-depth program: “Enneagram & Coaching”

What does this program consist of?

It consists of 6 online meetings per zoom of 1 hour each, where based on the ancestral wisdom of the Enneagram and ontological coaching, you will be able to know yourself in greater depth and become aware of aspects of yourself at a psycho-corpo-energetic level. Coaching as a  tool allows the possibility to inquire, to deepen your way of seeing, perceiving and inhabiting your reality. In this way,  in my role as a coach, I can be your “mirror” that will allow you to look at aspects of yourself that are the generators or drivers of some kind of dissatisfaction in your life and that you are not being able to realize, recognize and/or understand them.

What are some of the results to look for in this program?

Here are some of the possible objectives to be agreed upon:

  • To know your “essence” (gift) by deepening in its characteristics, that is, those glasses with which you see the world, which will lead you to better understand why, what’s for and from which place you do what you do to start the process of connecting from a place of sufficiency, acceptance and legitimization of yourself.
  • Work on your ideal and mission of life and the formula of value, deepening in 3 questions: Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I in this life? so that you can orient yourself towards a life with purpose and significant meaning for you.
  • You will identify how you are facing your life today and what challenges you are facing.
  • Inhabit and deepen your circumstantial fears (the fears of the moment you are going through) and the characteristic fear according to the type of essence.
  • You will learn to manage, inhabit and become aware of those guidelines to expand your awareness and learn to respond (consciousness) to what happens to you and not react (EGO) as a victim of your circumstances, thus achieving greater confidence and personal empowerment.
  • Explore your own recurrence practices or habits according to the state of your basic energies (air, fire, water, earth and light).
  • Give yourself permission to inhabit and manage your emotions effectively.
  • Take responsibility for what you need to learn, to move towards the best version of yourself
  • Deepen through a coaching conversation about the state of balance or stability of your psychic energy in one or more of the following domains: BEING, HAVING, COMMUNICATING and DOING
  • Outline a concrete, coherent action plan in line with your ideal and life mission that serves as a “compass” to guide your actions.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs and narratives (explanations) about your life, your work, your purpose, your relationships, what you want, money, among others in order to achieve greater self-awareness and a broader view that allows you to make decisions from a more comprehensive place.
  • Become aware of the “characters” you inhabit, which are nothing more and nothing less than those social roles you use to relate to each other and achieve certain goals in your life. Exploring and finding the character or characters called “protagonist” (the one you show in society) and the one called “hidden” (the one that hides behind the scenes and has its pains, wounds and you do not want to show) gives you the possibility to deepen your way of relating to yourself and to others.
  • Exploring, discovering and inhabiting the place from which you express and manifest yourself will allow you to understand and become aware of your dynamics and ways of relating to yourself and to the world. That “place” from which we go out, show ourselves, act, think, feel is tinged with narratives, personal history, cultural drift, pains that now you have the possibility to look at, transform, to do something different in a conscious way.

Note: at the end of the deepening program, you will have your complete enneagram return in PDF format that will serve as a record (photo) of how you are at a certain date and that you can use to compare your evolution or not within a period of at least 6 months (if you decide to do it with me you have a 30% discount on the value of the total process according to previous agreement of agreed sessions).

USD 280

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