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Initial Program: “The speaker in me”

What does this program consist of?

It consists of 3 online sessions per zoom of 1 hour each, so that you can start a path of exploration, personal development through exercises, dynamics and activities aimed at looking at your speaking style (body language, tone, volume, rhythm, diction, among other aspects) and your way of communicating in the world from “a place” that many times you are not aware of and that has to do with your personal history, your socio-cultural drift, your experiences, among others. All these factors and many more shape the way you communicate with others and even with yourself. The possibility to discover yourself, to recognize and look at your way of communicating and being in the world is a key aspect to connect in a spontaneous, genuine way with yourself and your needs, to bond and relate in a natural, harmonic and fluid way with others and to effectively communicate your offer of professional services in a way that generates impact and interest.

Which  is the result you will obtain after this program?

  • You will become aware of your ability to communicate when making requests, offers, making judgments, making statements and how you generate commitments in your different domains of your life (social, work, couple, family, etc.).
  • You will discover the place from which you relate to yourself and to others.
  • You will begin a path of self-registration and personal exploration, being able to observe how you contact your needs and how you communicate them to others.
  • You will begin to train active listening in order to keep track of your context and yourself.
  • You will learn the basic guidelines of a model for conscious public speaking that seeks to inspire, enlighten and surprise your audience, thus generating a level of experience.
  • You will connect with patterns of movement that will allow you to recognize the 5 basic forces that inhabit you (resolution, openness, flexibility, stability and center) to put them at the disposal of your speech.

USD 150

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Deepening Program: “Shout and launch your offer to the world!”

What does this program consist of?

It consists of 6 online zoom sessions of 1 hour each so that you can explore, get to know and find your public speaking style.

All of us, absolutely all of us, are speakers and we are communicating all the time (with our body, our words, our emotions). According to my personal experience, when a person sentences himself as a “bad speaker” or similar phrases I tell him two things:

  1. Language creates realities, if you think you are a “bad speaker” or whatever it is, then you will be. Maybe it’s time to tell you another story about your way of expressing yourself, which is unique and particular. Just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean you don’t have it available.
  2. According to whom or compared to whom do you say you are a “bad speaker”? If you compare yourself with others, if you seek to replicate, copy techniques, idioms, expressions and even tools that have worked for others, you move even further away from the ability to connect with your own style. These “recipes” can only generate anxiety, stress, stage fright, etc. if you don’t feel comfortable. Totally unnecessary!

That’s why I suggest you to get inspired by many speakers, to know the techniques, to observe and practice a lot to find your own style, the one that is genuine, the one that is not in the books and is inside you. In the meetings that I propose you will do dynamics, activities tending to make a self-exploration of your way of being and being in the world and discover from where you say what you say (body, emotion, language) and what you generate when you say what you say (impact).  In this way you will start from the speaker that you already are and together we will begin to look, to deepen in all those communicational aspects that make your way of expression (your judgments, beliefs, your corporality, tone, rhythm, volume of voice even the gesticulation) and thus through dynamics, techniques, you will have the possibility to encourage you to explore, play and let your body guide you and to find your authentic expression.

After this stage, I will provide you with techniques, resources to design your talk, your offer and then I suggest you to practice, practice and practice to polish and refine your speech so that you can illustrate, inspire and surprise your audience generating a real experience that will be remembered.

Which is the result you will get after this program?

  • You will explore and initiate a process of discovering your own speaking style.
  • You will challenge your beliefs about what makes a good speaker and your personal opinion about the way you express/communicate yourself.
  • You will learn resources that will allow you to design, order and structure your presentation ideas and communicate them effectively.
  • You will incorporate resources to strengthen your “BEING a speaker” (such as minimizing anxiety when presenting, tips to work on your voice, stretching/relaxations to make your body more flexible, tips to deal with “difficult audiences” or uncomfortable questions, among others).
  • You will be able to take a step forward and go “on stage”. Showing yourself more genuine, sincere and communicating from a place of greater connection with yourself and not repeating or imitating other speakers.
  • You will achieve greater fluency and effectiveness when conveying a message to your audience.
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and sense of security when speaking in public.
  • You will practice, practice and practice in different ways to lose the fear of exposure and explore yourself from different places, challenging your “comfort zone” from where you communicate today and that is not allowing you to achieve the results you want.

USD 280

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