The art of flowing in your movement

What does this program consist of?

It consists of 5 online sessions per zoom of 1 hour each where you can experience 5 thematic models of body coaching that seek to deepen your self-knowledge through movement and does not require any previous experience or training. The general objective of the sessions is that you can integrate, recognize and look at aspects of your personality to live a fuller, more harmonious life, accepting and integrating those aspects that you consider pleasant (your lights) as well as those that are not so pleasant (your shadows):

  • Character Coaching: Life is like a play and in different areas (social, family, couple, work, among others) we are in some character that has a gesture, a tone of voice, a body and says, thinks and does a certain way for a certain purpose: acceptance, recognition, seek to highlight, etc.. The possibility of exploring and finding your protagonist character (the one you normally show in society), the hidden one (the one that hides behind the scenes and fears to be discovered) and the integrated one (that new character that emerges from the fusion of the other two) constitutes the possibility of deepening your self-knowledge since maintaining these characters has costs for you and your relational world.
  • Coaching of the relational place: the possibility of exploring, discovering and inhabiting the place from which you express yourself, you truly manifest yourself is a great treasure to understand many of your dynamics and ways of relating both with yourself and with your relationship with the world. We all act, think, feel and inhabit a place. It happens that we are not aware or we have not learned to observe ourselves to understand what is that place from where I go out into the world, from where I ask, offer, listen, link, love, work, in short I exist. This coaching is a possibility to challenge your historical-cultural-social drift that you have built and on which the foundations of your relationships are based. Normally, we want “the other to change” and we do not take the responsibility to see ourselves.
  • Coaching on the path of dignity: the possibility of connecting with your primordial movements inspired by Daniel Taroppio’s Primal Dance constitutes a journey of psycho-corpo-energetic exploration since by moving through certain guidelines, you guide the different areas of the body from head to toe, you will be working the so-called 7 main chakras that yoga practices have been talking about for years. The daily hustle and bustle, the acceleration of this globalized society makes us to be subjected to countless amount of stimuli that are anchored in our physical body as tensions and also affect our vitality and energy. This dance is not a choreography but is to connect with ancestral movement patterns to release tensions, release and connect with yourself and then talk about your experience based on the movements performed. The mind has many explanations but the way you move speaks a lot about who you are and what happens to you.
  • Coaching the voices of the body: the objective of this coaching is to get in touch with the messages that your body gives you and that you rarely (if ever) listen to and attend to. What I am looking for is that you can give yourself permission to stop and perceive the different signals and their intensities: a tension, a tingling, a soft or hard area, pain, itching, whatever it is and then explore what information it is giving you. Because your body speaks in different tones:

“Whispers”: these are light tensions, pains that usually disappear after a few days, e.g. a concratcture, a headache.

“Comments”: pains, tensions generally more prolonged in the time that can be prolonged for longer periods as weeks for example some illness.

“Alarms”: these are already more intense and stronger messages that have not been heard when they were “whispers” or “comments” and today are present through illnesses that invite us to stop and reflect on the attention and self-care that we are capable of giving ourselves. For example: a damaged organ, an illness that requires hospitalization.

“Silence”: means that there is no message, there is no register of any message.

– Coaching inspired by the 5 rhythms: inspired by the dance of the 5 rhythms of Gabrielle Roth, this proposal is designed so that through body movement you can go through the so-called “Wave” that is present in every creative process, in every vital process such as the birth of a baby, and the stages according to this current are:

  1. Flowing: smooth, slow, rounded, circular movements.
  2. Staccato: more rigid movements, looking for a pattern that is repeated, similar to the movements that are performed in martial arts.
  3. Chaos: something new is manifested and it is not known what it is, pre-established patterns are broken, there is no control, the beginning and the end are not clear.
  4. Lyrical: it is the exploration of the new that has emerged after the chaos, it is to connect with the amazement, with the exploration, with the possibility of conquering new spaces that were not available to me before.
  5. Stillness: through soft movements, slower and slower, I silence my body until I become still to feel the journey I have made and thus find myself again and feel myself.

After this process we talked about your experience in the context of your concerns, discoveries, learnings and at the same time how the experience of this process was for you and how you relate it to this moment of your life in which you find yourself.

Which is the result you will obtain after this body coaching program?

  • Broaden your sensory-perceptual register
  • Greater body and emotional awareness and therefore the possibility to manage more efficiently what happens to you.
  • Understand and reflect on your belief model, your relational dynamics and unconscious “devices” that permeate your relational and bonding dynamics.
  • To observe yourself from a wider and deeper perspective, which gives an account of who you are being according to the integration of the psycho-corpo-energetic domains.
  • To observe and question your thoughts and those narratives that make it possible or not to reach your objectives.
  • To experience through your body the process of transformation and personal growth.
  • Dynamics to work from the body when you have a concern, a difficulty or feel that something is generating a difficulty.

Add extra and enhance your experience of the program “the art of flowing in your movement”:

Inspired by the gestalt technique of the empty chair, this coaching brings you closer to the possibility of seeing, reflecting and working on the link between the parts of the personality that are in conflict and cannot be integrated, which usually causes wear and tear and provokes a lot of suffering.

This coaching is a great option when:

  • You need to integrate aspects that are disconnected or in conflict.
  • The relationship you have with the world is very tense or very subdued.
  • To work through goodbyes or separations
  • There are body symptoms or blocked emotions

The possibility of identifying, dancing, inhabiting and coaching from those aspects of your personality that you do not easily show in public (called “shadows”) is a great possibility to integrate them with those “luminous” aspects, i.e. those qualities, aspects of your personality that you show publicly and are well accepted both by you and by others and which you feel comfortable with. As Carl Gustav Jung said

“What you deny subdues you, what you accept transforms you”.

This session seeks to look without judgment at what you also are and what there is nothing to be ashamed of, avoid and/or repress.

This coaching is key for those people who do not allow themselves, either because they cannot, do not allow themselves or do not know how, to explore aspects of their personality that they still do not validate, that they reject because socially they would not be accepted and even generate fear. To be able to identify, to name, to give a place to our darkest aspects of our personality is to connect us with acceptance and our human condition, and from there opens the possibility of extending and contacting my own limits.

This coaching proposes as a theme to inhabit, feel, experience and talk about the 5 basic forces:

  • Resolution: when the first intention of our movement pushes us to go forward (lean your body forward similar to what sprinters do before starting). This force is associated with the ability to achieve, to resolve, to achieve what we set out to accomplish.
  • Openness: when the first intention of our movement is backwards (lean your body backwards, supporting mostly your weight on your heels and opening your chest) connects us with this force that allows us to be open to listen, to receive the other or the situation with greater amplitude.
  • Stability: When the first intention of the movement is to go down (lower your center, as if your coccyx wanted to contact the ground), it connects us with this energy that allows us to maintain, to sustain, to endure. It is also associated with discipline and control.
  • Flexibility: when the first intention of the movement pulses upwards this force connects us with creativity, with the space where there are no established patterns, everything is possibility. This energy gives us the possibility to dare to innovate, to get in touch with doing, feeling and thinking differently. Human beings are creative by nature, it happens that we tend to fall into patterns and routines that keep us away from our creative potential.
  • Center: when we stay in our center, that very own space of inner balance, from here we are equidistant to experience the 4 forces described above. Finding our center connects us with harmony, with the time to observe ourselves without judging ourselves and to accept ourselves.

To be able to inhabit, experiment and then talk about how you are living your 5 basic forces, which ones are costing you, which ones you have more at hand, which ones you need to relearn, among other aspects, will allow you to broaden your view of yourself and your way of being, acting and feeling in the world. In this way, you will have greater awareness of your own map of forces for your self-knowledge.

This coaching is oriented to those people who wish to evaluate a project or even connect with their creativity for the realization of a project.

It is inspired by the technique proposed by NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) that allows you to connect, inhabit and experience three very different instances called:

  • Dreamer: space to unleash your creativity without judgment, here you will stimulate your ideas without restriction.
  • Realist: space destined for the implementation of ideas and here therefore you begin to ask yourself how it is possible to realize the dreams and gather all the information, data necessary to carry it out.
  • Critic: And here it seeks to connect with the evaluation with discarding ideas, evaluating, discarding, selecting the ideas that from the previous position were sifted or chosen… as its name indicates it seeks to generate a constructive criticism, with foundation, with analysis of variables and possibilities.

After going through the 3 instances, we set aside a space for conversation from the ontological coaching approach.

This coaching is inspired by NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Ontological Coaching and Gestalt techniques that will allow you to represent, symbolize the “steps” towards the realization of an objective, project and/or desired future. You will be able to get in touch with your internal resources and those that you need to develop in each step in order to move towards your future. You will expand your internal register and your consciousness to be able to decide in a more reliable and safe way each action you decide to undertake.

Each step you take is experienced in three main domains: mental, emotional and physical. Generally, we use objects that you choose and that have meaning for you or that serve to represent or symbolize each action. This coaching is ideal if you are in a state of doubt, lack of focus or even if you have a plan and do not know for sure what you really need or what are those steps or stages that will serve as a guide to achieve what you want.

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