Personal Development Workshops (group)

What do the personal development workshops for groups consist of?

Throughout my personal and professional career I have gone through numerous transformation processes that have given me the possibility to look at myself, to know myself more deeply, to get in touch with my emotions, my needs and above all to love myself, to value myself a little more as a unique and unrepeatable human being who is doing the best in this life. Therefore, I have understood the relevance of designing and creating workshops for groups and / or team building to bring awareness, observation skills and make contact with the place from which you relate to yourself and others to create, nurture and enrich relationships, interactions and forms of bonding that are harmonious, healthy and genuine.

What results can you expect from the wokshops?

My offer consists of 3 types of workshops and the expected results to be achieved in each one of them (with the possibility of adapting/designing them according to your needs):

A. Techniques, dynamics and tools to promote group interaction.

B. Self-knowledge and encounter with others

C. Psycho-corpo-energetic work and group connection.

A. Techniques, dynamics and tools to promote group interaction.

  • How to generate contexts through the use of devices that allow the integration, interaction and connection of people.
  • How to create dynamics to work on conflict and its resolution.
  • How to work on negotiation
  • How to communicate effectively through the use of linguistic distinctions: requests, offers, statements, judgments and affirmations.
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • The relevance of active listening
  • How to make effective presentations and overcome the fears of public speaking.

B. Self-knowledge and meeting the other

  • Learning to integrate the body as an enabling domain for transformational processes.
  • Working on the purpose and what we care for
  • Recognize, identify and get in touch with our needs and how to express them.
  • To enable the environment to favor interaction between people in order to connect and generate genuine, solid and trusting bonds.
  • Enable techniques that tend to bring our gaze inward to connect with what is relevant to our lives.
  • Work on my ideal and life mission from the enneagram’s perspective (purpose).
  • The importance of reviewing our habits and the possibility of designing an effective plan to modify them or incorporate new ones.
  • Personal finances and management of our resources

C. Psycho-corpo-energetic work and group connection.

  • The importance of managing the basic energies that as human beings go through our doing and being: resolution, flexibility, openness, stability and returning to our center.
  • Exploration and self-knowledge through movement (inspired by the 5 rhythms and primal dance)
  • Meditation and techniques to return to the center
  • Practice of recurrence to establish healthy habits in our life.
  • Practice of self-observation and care of our energy.
  • Practice through our senses to be present in the present.

In case you think or feel that the offer of the 3 services detailed above does not fit what you need please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss and make a design tailored to your needs and those of your team free of charge! Thanks!

USD 350

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*Base price for 2 HS up to 50 people for any of the 3 workshops online or in person does not include transportation or accommodation (please specify the topic you want to address).